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Girl with a toothbrushHaving a healthy smile helps kids grow, speak, and learn!  

This page is dedicated to helping kids learn about oral health and have fun while they do it. Search below for fun games, videos, coloring sheets, and more!

Learning Is Fun!

EGGS-perimental fun!

Egg carton with eggs
Show your child how cavities can develop if we don’t take care of our teeth!  



1. Start by hard boiling an egg, talking with your child about the hard shell and how it protects what is inside. Compare the eggshell to the enamel that covers and protects teeth.  

2. Put the hard boiled egg into a jar of vinegar.

3. After 2-3 days, take the egg out of the jar and let your child look closely at the shell. It will be soft and damaged.

Remind your child that this can happen to the enamel of our teeth if we don’t brush and floss!


Child looking at a cupcake or apple
Does your child know what foods are healthy for their teeth?



Use old magazines to cut out pictures of

  • healthy foods – fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, milk 
  • unhealthy foods – cookies, candy, soda, fruit snacks.

Find two paper bags and draw a happy, healthy tooth on one and a sad, cavity-filled tooth on the other. Go through the pictures with kids and have them pick the correct bag to place the pictures into. Talk about how the food that we eat can keep our smiles healthy or make them sick.

Does Fluoride Really Strengthen Teeth?

Child with strong arms
Try this with children who enjoy a science experiment!  



What you'll need: two hard boiled eggs, three plastic containers, a bottle of fluoride rinse (you can get this at the drugstore), and some cans of cola.

1. Put one of the eggs into a container then cover it with the fluoride rinse. Leave the egg in the fluoride for 2 days.

2. Remove the egg and rinse it with water. Put that egg into a different container. Put the second egg into the third container.

3. Cover both eggs with the cola and keep them covered for 12 hours. After 12 hours pour out the cola and replace it with new cola. Do this for two days. Which egg is stronger?  Which egg is stained?  

Games, Coloring Pages, and Other Great Stuff

I-Smile Coloring PageI-Smile Coloring Page PDF

Smile Coloring PageSmile Coloring Page PDF


Did You Know?

Sharks can have over 50,000 teeth over the course of their lives! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were sharks, and our teeth replaced unhealthy ones?