Because 80-90% of cavities are on the chewing surface of the back teeth, dental sealants can be painted on those surfaces to harden and then prevent those cavities from the beginning. It is best to have dental sealants applied to back permanent teeth shortly after they erupt in a child’s mouth. You can get sealants at a dental office. Or, many schools in Iowa participate in the I-Smile @ School program.

I-Smile@ School

Nineteen organizations in Iowa – either county health departments or private, non-profit groups – administer I-Smile @ School locally through contracts with the Iowa Department of Public Health. Participating schools are selected by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

This dental program takes place during the school day, but students miss very little class time. By providing dental services in a school setting, we are better able to reach children with important preventive care. In the end, they will experience fewer cavities, which helps them concentrate on learning instead of mouth pain. Of course, all work done in the school will need parental approval.

For more information check out https://ismile.idph.iowa.gov/about-ismile/ismile-at-school

Did You Know?

Sealants can reduce cavities by 80%!